It really is all connected

Yesterday, after I finished the SWAT and Rampart LAPD entries, and the SLA entry, and tying them together, and tying the Watts riot’s causes to Ferguson‘s causes, I made the perhaps inappropriate choice to decompress by watching season 1 of True Detective.

I know, I know. Way to practice self-care. I am intelligent, but often not wise, especially when it comes to myself.

However, I’m glad I made that seemingly foolish choice, because my strange who-are-the-good-guys day ended with this quote, from Detective Rust Cohle:

Of course I’m dangerous. I’m police. I can do terrible things with impunity.

The horrible, beautiful balance of civilization teeters right there on that one fragile word: can. Potentiality without intentionality. Razor’s-edge balance.

Baltimore, 2015


19: Ferguson


Kent State 1970

National Guard at Kent State University


Students, Kent State University

I shall be funnier and lighter tomorrow, I promise. I have more information to report on the dolphin sex saga. Ball, ball, diamond, diamond, ball!

Have fun getting accustomed to your new library, send me a message onsite or email me at if you have any problems or concerns, and please–join up, own your identity, and commmmmment. This is your place, too!

‘Night, chickies. Stay safe, and be just a little bit better to each other tonight than necessary.




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