Reposting (Reghosting?) For Generation Why Podcast

You know me by now: I am eccentric, I love a good, spooky yarn, and I love community. So, I was listening to an older episode of The Generation Why Podcast, about Amityville, and Aaron and Justin mentioned they enjoyed hearing other people’s stories. Well, well. And boo.

And away we go…

Sometimes I felt frightened, sometimes I felt strangely calm, or even empowered.
The worst? The terrified trophy goes to the old lady downstairs. I am not sure why–that growing intuition that I should not respond to the voice, the knowledge that I was trapped in that corner of the house, or the fact that her voice kept growing in clarity, volume, and content?

Now that I have written that down–all of the above. Great googily moogily, I wonder if, had I given her a few minutes more, if she (she?) would have progressed from calling me “honey” to calling me by name.

I am glad the light’s on. For once, I am not being funny.

The Dollop: Episode 4: Ghosts
The Generation Why Podcast: Episode 45: Amityville

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