Site Update: New Instagram Feeds Page

POD (People of The Dollop) and FOD (Friends of The Dollop), thanks to some shiny code-fu that is not my doing at all. I just plugged in parameters and made it pretty. Find it over here: welcome/people-of-thedollop-net/instagram-feed-pod-and-fod-collage


Speaking of pretty, thanks to Patreon subscribers, I am in the process of purchasing a premium theme, which will fix irritants like misbehaving and absent category and tag feeds, and wonky navigation. It is fantabulously shiny.


Yay! Building more stable and Homeowners’ Association-friendly additions to the Sugar Shack that is The Dollop Dot Net. Plus all the while catching up on episode entries. This is going to be loads of fun.

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This Bluestocking bookworm is your friendly Dollop web-wrangler and digital library curator. In other words, pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. I'm just here to John Nash all this stuff together. It's all about connections. IT'S ALL CONNECTED. I live atop a mountain, geographically isolated for the protection of others. Yes, an American mountain.

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