Special Dollopish tags

Behold: An index, just for you. In other words, yet another way to play around with the podcast. Yay!
Here, they are grouped loosely by topic. Want an alphabetized list? Of course you do.
someone else’s sex
     These two aren’t the same:
someone else’s sex refers to not minding your own business in that regard, matters of private sexual matters becoming public;
sex police is more aggressive, information becoming interference, whether legislative or even violent.
So nosiness v. punishment. Both bad.
again with the genitals–bringing up the junk when no one was even thinking about the junk.
We were trying to have a nice picnic, and now, balls? Really? Again?
afraid of vaginas--There’s strangely a lot of this in American history. You’d think they bite. Oh, wait.
surgery for an audience–that this is even a thing, much less a repeating thing, makes this one of the creepiest, oogiest Dollop tags. Don’t believe me? Follow it. Double-dog-dare you.
someone needs a hug–Hugs, not…some of these stunts, amirite?
the Hugh Glass award–for people who fell apart and kept going, sticking to The Man
somebody got sued–and, if they didn’t, they should have

don’t try this at home
home labs–whether it’s the porch or the basement, nothing good comes of this, because bomb goes boom is usually the result.

the Dimly Lit Web–not the Dark Web, but not Facebook or Twitter, see? If it can be found on the Dimly Lit Web, my best friend Joshua probably helped me suss it out.

that escalated quickly

damn it white people–This one is getting worn out.red-divider
that’s not what Jesus meant–This one is also getting worn out, see the raggedy edges?red-divider
living in a van down by the river–Shout out to Chris Farley, and a kiss to everyone who understood this reference immediately. kiss kiss kiss
the word varmint was used–If you can listen to the episode and picture Yosemite Sam, yep. Iffen you don’t know who Yosemite Sam is, you racken fracken varmint, go here, quietly, git youse sum learning, come back, and tell no one youse didn’t know. Varmint.
good out of bad–okay, it was a complete horror show, but now we have sliced bread, so yay?
don’t let Carla babysit–don’t get me wrong, I’m a really good person, I love kids and they love me, but I also think really subversive things are funny, so your kids and I might make some interesting art or photography projects while you are gone, or they might learn some Russian slurs. I’m just sayin’.
Not In My Backyard–This is a rather unpleasant American social phenomenon. Disabled people need a place to live, just NIMBY. Think Ugly Laws, but add zoning laws and homeowner’s associations for extra bureaucratic flair. Yep, sometimes people suck.
tape down the middle–as seen on every American sitcom in the 1970’s and 1980’s, basically NIMBY in your bedroom. This is my side, this is your side. Which naturally leads to…
thanks Obama–Pay attention. This is a deliberately misused tag, purely for humor, like a political Easter egg. The more misused, the funnier it is. Trust me. I made a mixed drink come out of my friend Kathleen’s nose when I shared one usage of it with her. Yep. I gots skillz.
Carla’s inappropriate cross-stitch–just what it sounds like. I see a phrase that should never, ever be embroidered on a pillow, and I wanna. I must. And I probably will. And there will be pictures, I promise.

Dollop Shaming–exactly what it sounds like. Dog Shaming, but for The Dollop.

Dollop Easter egg–you know what you do with Easter eggs? Find them!

Philadelphia v. Cleveland–river fires! beer riots! throwing batteries at Santa Claus! stealing artificial limbs!

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon–Further proof of my theorem that Everything is Connected. Why Kevin Bacon?
Larry–Listen to The Dollop, and you learn one thing above all: every era had men named Larry. Heaps of them. Also, I am married to one of them. See, IT’S ALL CONNECTED. *drops mike*

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