Resources: American Crime Story (and a personal fable, boogeyman and all)

I was 22 years old when we all learned, to our national chagrin, two phrases: “slow speed chase” and “gavel to gavel coverage”.

Episode 114: Dollop: Alexander Pearce

It’s that part of the teen horror movie when you realize you’re not on the poster. —Wil listen to episode 114: Alexander_Pearce.mp3 Gareth:

To celebrate football season, I celebrate…

Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe in uniform for the Canton (Ohio) Bulldogs

Jim Thorpe, football’s

Episode 81: Dollop: Lamb Funeral Home

They’re the Wal-mart of burning people. –Gareth Before I begin with my funky version of clutching my pearls and being aghast, I must bring

Episode 12: Dollop: Rube Waddell

You can’t get rid of the fire truck in his heart. –Gareth Tweeted this yesterday:

Made myself a little happy-sad w/the notion

Episode 10: Dollop: The Jackson Cheese

Jackson Cheese

Dave: The shot that hit him in the duel ended up close to his heart, so it couldn’t be removed– Gareth: Much like that whore.

Episode 77: Dollop: Thomas Kinkade

 The beret is the scooter of the head. –Gareth God became my art agent. –Thomas Kinkade Thomas Kinkade was the first artist to be

Episode 64: Dollop: The Fans of Philadelphia


Bleeding in a winter wonderland… –Gareth 1876 Mitchell Map of PhiladelphiaFirst black player hired