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Episode 204: Live: The Modern Bushman

Gareth: He’s sharing a tree with a snake! Dave: It’s Australia.   Now, who was Rodney Ansell, the inspiration for the

Episode 163: Dollop: Syphilis in America

Dave: It started with ulcers on the genitals. Gareth: That is right off the bat a terrible start–and did you just wink at me?

Episode 220: Dollop: Tylenol Man

Hello, the name’s Red. Red Herring. –Gareth   Before I get to going on this spooky-ass before and after event of my childhood, only

Episode 203: Smollop: The Sodder Children


Gareth: Wrangling ten kids during a fire?Dave: Not like you’ve ever done it.Gareth: Well…not ten!

No matter how bad your worst Christmas was, it

Dollopween 21: Generation Why: Oklahoma Girl Scouts

Podcast and Podcaster: Generation Why, Justin Evans and Aaron Habel: Episode 169, Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders Why I chose this one: More GenWhy! As

Dollopween 20: Lore: All the Lovely Ladies

Podcast and Podcaster: Lore, Aaron Mahnke Episode: 34. All the Lovely Ladies Folklore has often developed as a response to real-world events, but the

Dollopween 17: Sword and Scale: Joy Junction Sting

Podcast and Podcaster: Sword and Scale, Mike Boudet: Episode 20: Joy Junction Sting Ronald William Brown was a ventriloquist puppeteer on a television program

Dollopween 11: Once Upon a Crime: Fatal Kids

Podcast and Podcaster: Once Upon a Crime: Fatal Kids Chapter 3: Brenda Spencer , Esther Why I chose this one: Well, full disclosure, Esther

Dollopween 4: Sword and Scale: Morgan Ingraham

Bonus: two for one! Podcast and Podcaster: Sword and Scale, Mike Boudet Episodes: 11: Morgan Ingraham and 12: Morgan Ingraham, Aftermath episode 11: