Episode 186: Smollop: John Dillinger’s Penis

Note: This episode entry is dedicated to Patton Oswalt. One, because he went to college at about the time I did, so the references will

Episode 156: Smollop: The Marblehead Smallpox Riots

Sniff the blanket…Sniff, sniff, pass. Don’t bogart the blankie. –Gareth http://traffic.libsyn.com/thedollop/The_Marblehead_Small_Pox_Riots.mp3 First off, I looked at smallpox multimedia (that is a thing) at the Mayo

Episode 118: Dollop: The Battle of Brisbane


http://traffic.libsyn.com/thedollop/Battle_of_Brisbane.mp3 Douglas MacArthur, first off, had some clapback in him, which is impressive for the Great White Masculine Hope he was supposed to represent. Why

Episode 128: Dollop: Nim the Chimp

Before we get started falling down the rabbit hole of ickiness, let me share some good people being nice and kind to these noble

Dollopween October 7: Stalking and Obsession Horror, Dollop-Style

Dollop episodes involving stalking and/or obsession:

Weird Science

Gathering together The Dollop o’ Science

vintagesciencecover1 Why is that penile creature so

The Dolphin Tale is Told in Penthouse

But she didn’t show her tail in a pictorial. A hint existed in the Huffington Post article about an unverified Penthouse excerpt of Malcolm