Whether we gather, it’s crazy. Crazy fun and interesting, amirite?

Now we have a new place to gather. I have turned on the groups function. Just go to, see what’s there, start your own. The groups have the same too hot, too cold, just right privacy settings as most on the net, so the sky’s the limit–within reason. I see illegal trafficking, it’s shut down. Not in my library. Capiche?

Okay, I am going to crash. I am chronically ill (another story for another day, perhaps a group? maybe some of you are, as well) and am super-fatigued from the last push to open the library. When I awaken, I will check on all you lovelies, address the comments left for me, address some awesome mapping/timeline code gifted to me, and continue connecting the dots.

I’m so happy you’re happy here! My goal is only to make it better and better for you, and for Dave and Gareth, and for the Friends of Dollop.