The News Machine Never Changes

For your consideration:

One news reel and one news clip after the Dole Plane Race of 1927. I understand that several people were missing, but other things were also occurring: the controversial execution of Sacco and Vanzetti was approaching at the end of the week; the country was still reeling from the first school shooting/first car bomb in May, committed by Andrew Kehoe, who injured 58 and killed 44. But even then, the news loved to grab on to the romantic, the “poetic”…remember when John F. Kennedy Jr. died (because he flew under conditions for which he was cleared), and it was the only news for the weekend? The. Only. News. Our country’s imaginary crown’s prince had gone down, and the news swooned with joy with could-be’s, then could-have-been’s. . .More than one news channel had countdown clocks in their corners, counting time to the Kennedy wedding he was supposed to attend, or time since he had been last seen. . .it was macabre.

And apparently nothing new.

I'd give anything if she could spank me just one more time.

I’d give anything if she could spank me just one more time.

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