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VegemiteAdWomensWorld1925Metro UK: Vegemite could be banned because people are using it to make moonshine


It's too late for this one, she's already had the moonshine.

It’s too late for this one, she’s already had the moonshine, obviously.

Dude. Dude. If you are willing to drink distilled, fermented Vegemite, you earned that buzz. That is creative, yet kinda–no, I bite back any criticism, because I come from the country that invented SPAM, and I know damn good and well I have some kith and kin out there tonight somewhere drinking or smoking something SPAM-based to forget about the work week. I cannot say anything.



(If anyone ever makes Nutella moonshine, y’all promise to let me know, right? Don’t leave your girl hanging when there is sweet, sweet hazelnut and chocolate to be had.)



Tickets still available for Melbourne shows on August 22 and 23 at The Comic’s Lounge. Justin Hamilton is the guest on the 23rd. They take Paypal, y’all. (And if you bring Vegemite moonshine for the guys to taste, TAKE PICTURES FOR ME.)


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