The Dollop Episode List 2017

  1. Breaking Glenn Burke
  2. American Summer Hitler Camps!
  3. Daniel Sickles
  4. The Great Diamond Hoax
  5. Dope Lake
  6. Jet Pack Madness
  7. The Gopher Gang
  8. Enron
  9. North Pole Madness
  10. The Two Indigenous Actors
  11. The Monkey Whisperer
  12. The Gas Mask Man Garrett Morgan
  13. The Battle of Hayes Pond
  14. The Gentlemen’s Riot
  15. British Comedian Tommy Cooper (Reverse)
  16. The Falling Pilot (Reverse)
  17. Animal Behavior Enterprises
  18. Colorado Labor War (Live)
  19. Phantom of the Open
  20. The Morrisites (Live)
  21. Icelandic History (Live with Hugeikur Dagsson)
  22. James Oglethorpe and the Colony of Georgia
  23. The Hobos of Iceland
  24. Fake Navy Man Fred Demara
  25. The Boston Police Strike (Live)
  26. The Orange Catholic Riots (Live with Felix Biederman and Wil Menaker)
  27. Bill the Butcher and John Morrisey (Live with Virgil Texas and Matt Christman)
  28. Edward Clarke v. Girls
  29. The Welfare Queen (Live)
  30. Henry Ford’s Henchman (Live with Matt Christman)
  31. Jack Johnson and the Great White Hope
  32. The Texas Hypnocult (Live with Kath Barbadoro)
  33. Selling the Chemical Reactor Block (Live)
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