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Sucked in for your pleasure (and so it could fit into its Spanx, have you ever tried these things, they are a bitch, it should be an Olympic event to put them on and take them off): The official Facebook page for this website. Huzzah.


and a one, and a two...

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Batman's Grandpa?? History is awesome.

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Dunce hat time: On my Instagram account, I just realized that, on some edit, "writer for the the Dollop's website blah blah truth in advertising it's just little ole me" had been squished down to "Writer for The Dollop". Apparently the backspace key got away from me, and I didn't notice, which is no excuse. I am horrified, especially since I have no idea how long it has been that way. I am just and only the chucklehead who curates and writes for the Dollop Dot Net. That's all I am, and I would never deliberately presume to be more. Now excuse me while I hide underneath the bed in shame at this accidental horror show. ... See MoreSee Less

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