FOD: Gregory Behrendt

Greg is a podcast OG. Original Greg. He sat in a closet with Dave 206 times recorded 206 episodes of the awesomely funny–and poignant–Walking the Room. He’s an author. He rocks, as I’ve told him, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones plaid like nobody’s business. He’s also currently kicking Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma’s ass. (See below for how you can help.)


His profile at Earwolf

His author page at Amazon

Official site:


Bandsintown tracking: for Greg, for The King Sweater


Now, about that ass-kicking thing. Kicking cancer’s ass takes money. It also takes knowing you have cheerleaders backing you up, maybe even more than money. Two birds, one stone: the Greg Pompahawk Chop Shop shirt!


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