Dollopween 11: Man v. Elements


And now, the HORROR.
The Ruins. Both the novel, by Scott Smith, and the movie are tremendous.

Simple premise: entitled white Americans go to another country, want to see and tramp all over All the Things, pay the consequences. Warning: this can also be labeled under body horror, so not for the squeamish. Best Friend @Joshua, I am looking at you.
I read this novel in one sitting, one big gross slurpy fabulous gulp…and then I thrust it at @Larry, demanded he read it…and took a lonnnnnnng hot shower.

Silent Hill: Movie, movie sequel, Xbox games, Playstation games, embrace the weirdness inspired by Centralia, Pennsylvania.

The Descent: An incredible horror movie and its sequel that singlehandedly can claim to be the reasons that I will never spelunk. I watched the first one in my well-lit bedroom. At the beginning, I was knitting. Within thirty minutes, I was clenching the armrests of my chair as if I was being dragged into the television. That scary.

The Girl Who Loves Tom Gordon. Nobody does horror better than The King.

Run, Blake Crouch. For fans of The Walking Dead, but not about zombies. Trust me. Again, read it in one sitting. Then checked the locks on the doors and windows.

The Blair Witch Project. Go ahead, young’uns, scoff. Be jaded. This movie was groundbreaking, and still gives me chills.

One more body horror crossover: Cabin Fever. I didn’t shave my legs for a month after watching this movie. I tried, I really tried, I just couldn’t.





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