Episode 182: Smollop: Street Dentist Painless Parker

Hello, how are you? Do you mind if I go inside your head?


Painless Parker, 1915

Here’s your trigger warning: teeth necklace.

Painless Parker: A Dental Renegade’s Fight to Make Advertising Ethical by Arden Christen

The Adventures of Painless Parker, an online comic by Zoe Piel

seaweed and dental care

BBC: Painless Parker: Part dentist, part showman, all American

Bob Hope and Jane Russell movies loosely based upon Parker: Paleface and Son of Paleface

clash with his mother, who was a Christian Scientist: Christian Science and dentistry, thanks to DentistryIQ

National Museum of Dentistry, University of Maryland (find on map)

The Life of P. T. Barnum Written By Himself, required coursework for any Rube, obviously

I was going to go deep for you darlings, and started to research odontological paraphilias and fetishes, but I made it through the first page of search results, and I got really skerred. That’s right, skerred. I braved one Yahoo Answers discussion (no I’m not linking), and there was licking and alignment preferences and gaps and I noped the fuck out of there. I will do almost anything for you guys.


Dental Economics: The Saga of Painless Parker

Band names from this episode:

  • Mouth Regatta
  • Headbumps
  • Labcoat Authority
  • Hydrococaine
  • Tools for Your Head
  • The Mouth Circus
  • Dentistry Circus

Cultural references from this episode:

So much more of this unicorn sparkle from The Dollop–keep your mouth open:



I think someone needs to buy me this insane(ly awesome) phrenology poster. I can’t practice therapy any longer thanks to disability, but I can still decorate my environment with kooky history-of-therapy artifacts. Slapped this cutie on my wishlist. All it needs to be at home is a jaunty Hello Kittyesque bow. Amirite?

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