Preorder Dave and Gareth’s book: Kindle, Hardcover, and Audible

book front cover preoderDave and Gareth’s book is available for preorder: The United States of Absurdity: Untold Stories From American History, with foreword by Patton Oswalt and illustrations by James Fosdike

release date: May 9 — all formats available for preorder:

  • hardcover
  • ebook
  • audio version from Audible: foreword narrated by Patton Oswalt; narrated by Dave and Gareth–Available for preorder now for 1 monthly credit or 14.70 USD

I have updated the site with a plugin that should direct you, if you so allow in your browser settings, to your own Amazon, and therefore availability and shipping should be more accurate for you. As always, if you click through and order here, it cost you nothing, and puts a little in me tip jar, keeps me gears runnin’, thankee loves.

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