Somber news

The Dollop has the sorrowful task of reporting the loss of a Friend of the Dollop. Patton Oswalt, who gives all us Rubes such joy, has lost his wife, Michelle McNamara.

We Rubes never attack in a pack, but we do love in a pack. Patton cherishes Michelle; therefore, we do, as well. Please send your love out to Patton and family, Dave and family, Gareth and family, Greg and family, and everyone else whom Michelle touched. Please also give them space and time online. Leave love messages here or at the Facebook page, for them to read when they feel able, for nothing is more overwhelming than grief.

Celebrate Patton by watching his new Netflix special, “Clapping by Talking“, which debuts today. Celebrate Michelle by reading her work at

Patton, we love you.

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